Past Members

Sometimes writers join the group for a time before moving on to different phases of their lives. We have also had one writer pass from this life. This page is a place to honor their memory and their work. 


In Memoriam

Martha Gale

"I shop and clean for the widow Stagnéus three times a week. It takes all the courage I can muster."

Martha Gale was a Professor of gerontology at the Karolinksa Institute and Stockholm University. She turned to fiction as relief from the strict scientific writing demanded in the academic world. She completed and published two novels, Knowing Place and Knowing Past, both available on Amazon. 

Marti was a warm and generous person, in addition to a talented author. We miss her greatly. 


Cassie Gonzales

"It was my turn to wear the dead boy's glasses."

Cassie's work has been published by Tin House, The Kenyon Review, and Heuer Publishing. She has won writing competitions held by Granta, Literary Death Match, StorySlam:London, and others. Originally from Arizona, Cassie lives with in Stockholm with her husband.


Lillian Kwok

"Let’s paint our bodies white and roll around on the dark roof so the gods will know that we were here." 


Lillian´s poetry and flash fiction appears in Paper Darts, Cortland Review, Santa Clara Review, NANO Fiction, and other journals. Originally from Philadelphia, she now lives in Hawaii. She has received an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation.


Paddy Kelly

"The only other option, if I want a funeral where all my friends are guaranteed to come, is of course to die young. And this is probably best avoided."

Paddy Kelly was born in Ireland and narrowly avoided being a farmer. A romantic accident caused him to move to Sweden where he remains to this day. 

Paddy tackles contemporary fiction, science fiction, poetry, songs, articles and essays. His eBook Erotic Refugees, vaguely based on his own experiences as an expat and single father, is available on Amazon.


Ron Pavellas

dammed words stacking up

in this writer’s reservoir

please pull the plug soon!

Ron writes poems, essays, and memoirs drawn from a life begun in San Francisco, 1937. He joined the SWG in 2007 and took a permanent leave ten years later to pursue two novels. He has self-published several books of poems and a memoir and family history. In his personal online magazine, Ron has published over one hundred-fifty articles.