A brutal, relentless wind whips at me as I stand in the sandy gully, one foot in America, the other in Europe. I like contemplating the idea that I am literally in two worlds here, just outside of Reykjavik on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the oceanic plates are created. Perhaps I like it because I am an American living in Europe, and I feel weirdly satisfied at this meeting of the two worlds.

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To get a good story, Sandra Carpenter has slept in a tree house in the Arctic Circle, swam with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, stood on two continents at once in Iceland and witnessed two lions take down a buffalo on safari in South Africa. She’s also managed to survive champagne tasting with expert Richard Juhlin, eat dinner with chef Marcus Samuelson and have her portrait painted in front of 600 artists. She even went in search of happiness in Denmark.

In addition to writing for both print and digital publications such as Conde Nast Traveller and Scandinavian Traveler, Sandra enjoys creating her own work—mostly nonfiction but she is also trying her hand at fiction. Currently, she’s looking to polish her memoir Going Viking.

Sandra has spent most of her life writing, creating her first self-published, illustrated and bound book at age nine. Her first job after university was as an intern for Writer’s Digest magazine and since then has served as editor in chief of magazines in the US and Sweden. Her day job is working in corporate communications, often as a digital nomad, and on the side, she paints in watercolor and has performed in a theater production called Wild Minds.

She lives on an island called Södermalm that is often referred to as the left bank of Stockholm. Her latest profile appeared in the October 2018 issue of Scandinavian Traveler.