"to write a haiku / one must be in the proper / goddam frame of mind
but there is no mind / there is only this moment / the sounds of traffic"

Ron Pavellas has written essays, poetry, memoirs, and short stories since 1993, and currently is developing two novels, and a memoir of his mother's family. Since 2007, Ron has published several blogs, the main one, The Pavellas Perspective, contains articles on geopolitics, government, and history. A Few Words is devoted to creative writing. He has self-published four books of short writings, available for view at this site. He writes articles as a freelance journalist for 'Slow Travel Stockholm'. Ron has given readings of his poetry in California's “Silicon Valley” and in Stockholm. His other interests include appreciation of symphonic and chamber music, about which he writes in Making Musical Memories. Ron worked in the USA until 2002 when he moved to Stockholm. 

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