"I shop and clean for the widow Stagnéus three times a week. It takes all the courage I can muster."

Martha Gale has worked as a nurse’s aide, physical therapist, and English teacher. Her current day job is in gerontology research as professor at the Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University (under the name of Marti G. Parker). She turned to fiction as relief from the strict scientific writing demanded in the academic world. Her first novel Knowing Place, is set in Stockholm of the seventies. Beatrice is stranded in Stockholm after her Swedish boyfriend dumps her. She refuses to admit defeat and return stateside. She finds a job as a home helper for elderly Swedes and soon discovers that one of her clients is a victim of abuse. Beatrice enlists the aid of her friends, an odd assortment of political refugees from the Chilean junta and elderly Swedish clients. To protect the victim, they need to crack Swedish cultural codes and uncover conspiracies involving drugs and family history. Like Beatrice, Martha Gale learned about Sweden through her work with elderly people. She is currently working on a sequel to Knowing Place.

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