"Jeanne fixed her gaze on the horizon. The borders of the sea reached out to those of the morning sky without a crease in the seam. It struck her as both never ending and finite, as if the ship were on a flat plane of water that could end abruptly."

By day, Catherine works with marketing. By night (or actually mostly in the wee hours of the morning) Catherine develops novels and has completed five manuscripts: Emergency Exits, Lucked Out and Regifted are women’s fiction. The Daughters is historical fiction inspired by the story of Catherine’s own ancestor, Jeanne Denot. Denot was born in La Salpétrière, the notorious Parisian “home for wayward women.” She was one of hundreds of women shipped to the New World in the 1600s to help France populate Canada. Her latest project is Hugely Invisible. The jacket strapline, should the jacket ever materialize: “When Susanna Miller-Jones dares to call out the abusiveness of her neighbors, she jeopardizes her own happiness.”