“My head was stuffed with marshmallows, but time ate those up.”

- from "Bug Out"


In a former life, Cas Blomberg wore a badge and wielded a gun. Now she wears whatever she wants and wields a pen. First published in 2008, Cas spends most of her time surviving Scandinavia's brutal winters. Writing helps her forget about the freezing death waiting just outside the door.

Cas enjoys writing fantastical poetry and speculative fiction, from the magical worlds of fantasy to gritty science-fiction. Think Lovecraft meets Atwood. Think Bladerunner.

In 2015, Perihelion Science Fiction published her short story, "Bug Out" (now available on Amazon). Her latest novel, Ashborne is available for purchase at Amazon and other eBook retailers. Her poetry and fiction has also been featured in Page & Spine, Star*Line, Zetetic, and other publications. Unafraid to tackle social issues, her short story, “Singapore Wept, takes a look at a survivor of gun violence. For her latest project, she has taken a forgotten fairy tale and smashed it into a science-fiction setting.   

Follow www.casblomberg.com for future updates on her work.