Stockholm Writers Festival, April 13–15, 2018

by Karen Hagersten

The Stockholm Writers Group is excited about the upcoming Stockholm Writers Festival, April 13–15, 2018! Keynote speaker Elinor Lipman will share her "one-sentence-at-a-time" process. Agents, authors and editors from Stockholm and elsewhere will be speaking and leading workshops on the theme Find Your Path to Published. Topics will cover what’s happening in the publishing industry and pitching, but also on the craft of writing.

SWGers look forward to meeting other writers at the Stockholm Writers Festival Some are also planning to submit the first five pages of their current works to the festival’s First Pages Contest—which is actually open to unagented writers anywhere in the world—but this has to happen before March 13!

Stockholm Writers Group member Catherine Pettersson has been active in founding and organizing the festival. Former members are also involved. Cassie Gonzales will be sharing her work and leading workshops on manuscript makeover and getting to the subtext of a narrative, Paddy Kelly will be speaking, and Kim Golden Malmgren will lead a workshop on building your platform in indie publishing.