New book in Tree and Tower series by Sara C. Snider

by Karen Hagersten

A Shadowed Spirit is the second book in the Tree and Tower series by Stockholm writer Sara C. Snider.  In the first book in the series, The Thirteenth Tower, young Emelyn journeys out into the world after her village is attacked by magical creatures. In facing her fears, Emelyn, too, becomes a creature of magic.

In A Shadowed Spirit, Emelyn—now a magical And’estar called Siyan—heads into the dense and dangerous forest searching for knowledge of her powers. What Siyan doesn’t know is that she, too, is being hunted by a woman named Addigan searching for answers of her own.

Both books of the Tree and Tower series are available on Amazon and most online retailers in both paperback and ebook formats. Read about them on Goodreads. 

Sara C. Snider has a bachelor's degree in Archives and Information Science. She loves fairy tales and forests, and frequently infuses both into her stories. Originally from northern California, Sara now lives in Sweden with her partner and two crazy cats. 

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Paddy Kelly Publishes in Analog

By Karen Hagersten

SWG member Paddy Kelly’s short story “Lonely Hearts of the Spinward Ring” appears in the April 2016 issue of Analog: Science Fiction and Fact. Analog is the longest running continuously published magazine in science fiction and historically influential in that genre. The magazine is known for its plausible speculations about the future and the way people might live.

Paddy has always been fascinated by the contact ads in the local newspaper and one day wondered how they might look if that newspaper was instead published on a multispecies space station. This short piece was the result.

Paddy's academic background is in physics, engineering and education, but it may be his experiences as a recovering on-line dater that readers will recognize in the vaguely desperate classifieds in "Lonely Hearts of the Spinward Ring." Paddy also writes poetry and novels and tweets as @spongepaddy. His rarely updated blog can be found at

Lillian Kwok Publishes in Anak Sastra

SWG member Lillian Kwok published two poems in Anak Sastra, a journal featuring stories from southeast Asia. The poems are "MongNgoi" and "Four Thousand Islands (Si Phan Don)."

The poems were inspired by places Lillian visited in Laos. "Mong Ngoi was such a unique, detached place," says Lillian. "There are no roads there, and electricity only lasts a few hours a day. I wanted to capture the feelings of slowness and closeness I felt there."

Lillian says "Four Thousand Islands" also arose out of a vividly felt travel experience. "It's about the feeling of half-sinking into a new culture and wondering what it would be like if it was your whole life." 

Lillian is writing now in Phuket, Thailand. She travels often and the images, tastes, experiences, and people she encounters often find their way into her writing. Before settling down in Sweden, where she studies at the Karolinksa Institute, Lillian lived in Malibu, USA and Yilan, Taiwan.