Ron Pavellas, Haiku & Haibun

In Haiku & Haibun: California Sweden 1996-2015, Ron Pavellas gathers poems from his years in California and Sweden. He presents them under Seasons, City, Hills, Thoughts, and Haibun.

A quote from the Haiku Society of America, on page 67, tells us "a haibun is a terse, relatively short prose poem in the haikai style, usually including both lightly humorous and more serious elements. A haibun usually ends with a haiku."

A native of San Francisco, Ron hikes in northern California and Sweden. The poems reflect his exchange with natural and urban surroundings.

Ron has a following online, where he blogs and publishes essays and poems. The Pavellas Perspective is his main blog, with articles on geopolitics, government and history. A Few Words is devoted to creative writing and Making Musical Memories to music. Collections of poems and photos by Ron Pavellas on include Glimpses While Living (2012), The Pavellas Perspective (2011) and An Alaska Summer (2010). 

Haiku & Haibun: California Sweden 1996-2015 is available on