Hazel and Holly Selling Now on Amazon

By Karen Hagersten

Hazel and Holly by Sara C. Snider was published in May. The fun and quirky fantasy adventure sells on Amazon, in Kindle and paperback formats. Hazel and Holly is also available at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Google Play

In Hazel and Holly, Hazel’s deeply held beliefs are shattered when she sets out to save her mother’s soul from the grips of dark magic. She ventures from the safe confines of natural magic to forbidden necromancy, opening her eyes to romance and the enduring love between two very different sisters. 

Sara crafts her stories from her explorations of her natural surroundings. She says, “The characters in Hazel and Holly were born entirely from what the tree names inspired in me. It’s the story I let myself have fun with, and I hope readers will have fun reading it.” 

Sara C. Snider found her way to the deep dark northern woods of Sweden from sunny northern California. She is a full-time writer. Other works by Sara C. Snider include The Thirteenth Tower, A Shadowed Spirit, and The Forgotten Web.

The Thirteenth Tower and A Shadowed Spirit are from the Tree and Tower series.

Packed Performance of Selling Simone

By Karen Hagersten

Selling Simone, written and directed by Irish playwright Gary Clarke, opened to a full house on Friday, May 17, in Stockholm, Sweden. The play was performed by the Stockholm Players in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet. This three-act play within a play, in English, has a running time of approximately 60 minutes.

In Selling Simone, playwright and director Sam finds her play about French philosopher Simone Weil suddenly hijacked by the charming Walt two days before opening night. The cast of four women and two men battle out the needs of being true to oneself while seeking artistic recognition amid the perils of trusting in oneself and others. Sexual attraction and gender equality issues feed a constant, underlying tension that threatens to erupt at any moment.

Clarke adds, “The crux of the play, for me, which was developed through drafts and critique from the Stockholm Writers Group, is the importance of owning your own ‘story’ and winning it back if it’s taken from you. This is the plot of Selling Simone in a nutshell, and I hope the writing in the play is successful in delivering, what is I think, an important message.”  

Gary Clarke is an award-winning playwright and director with productions in London, Dublin, Geneva, Brussels, and Stockholm, where he lives and teaches English and drama. His other works include Hey, Hey Good-Looking, Blues for Billy, both produced by Soho Theatre and Stepping Out of a Dream.



New book in Tree and Tower series by Sara C. Snider

by Karen Hagersten

A Shadowed Spirit is the second book in the Tree and Tower series by Stockholm writer Sara C. Snider.  In the first book in the series, The Thirteenth Tower, young Emelyn journeys out into the world after her village is attacked by magical creatures. In facing her fears, Emelyn, too, becomes a creature of magic.

In A Shadowed Spirit, Emelyn—now a magical And’estar called Siyan—heads into the dense and dangerous forest searching for knowledge of her powers. What Siyan doesn’t know is that she, too, is being hunted by a woman named Addigan searching for answers of her own.

Both books of the Tree and Tower series are available on Amazon and most online retailers in both paperback and ebook formats. Read about them on Goodreads. 

Sara C. Snider has a bachelor's degree in Archives and Information Science. She loves fairy tales and forests, and frequently infuses both into her stories. Originally from northern California, Sara now lives in Sweden with her partner and two crazy cats. 

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