Ron Pavellas, Haiku & Haibun

In Haiku & Haibun: California Sweden 1996-2015, Ron Pavellas gathers poems from his years in California and Sweden. He presents them under Seasons, City, Hills, Thoughts, and Haibun.

A quote from the Haiku Society of America, on page 67, tells us "a haibun is a terse, relatively short prose poem in the haikai style, usually including both lightly humorous and more serious elements. A haibun usually ends with a haiku."

A native of San Francisco, Ron hikes in northern California and Sweden. The poems reflect his exchange with natural and urban surroundings.

Ron has a following online, where he blogs and publishes essays and poems. The Pavellas Perspective is his main blog, with articles on geopolitics, government and history. A Few Words is devoted to creative writing and Making Musical Memories to music. Collections of poems and photos by Ron Pavellas on include Glimpses While Living (2012), The Pavellas Perspective (2011) and An Alaska Summer (2010). 

Haiku & Haibun: California Sweden 1996-2015 is available on

Reading at the English Bookshop in Stockholm

by Cas Blomberg

On April 7th, 2016 the English Bookshop in Stockholm set out chairs, poured the wine and opened up the floor for four members of the Stockholm Writers Group to read their poetry and prose to guests. 

Rebecca Lynn Foreman writes a poem every day and she has a stack of journals to prove it. For this event, she presented some of her more recent poems ranging in themes from airplane neighbors to nature.

Rebecca Lynn Foreman reads at the English Bookshop in Stockholm

You might ask yourself if anything is better than yoga, and the answer is, yes, Sara Hendey's poems! Sara chose a selection of poems from her completed work, “Patanjali’s Eggs,” a hybrid collection of prose and poetry focusing on the traditions and practices of yoga. 

Sara Hendey reads at the English Bookshop in Stockholm

Cas Blomberg read an excerpt from her work in progress, a fantasy novel titled Flameborne, which is a sequel to the published Ashborne: The First Chronicle. Flameborne is in the final stages of editing and is expected to be released in 2016. 

Cas Blomberg reads at the English Bookshop in Stockholm

Ron Pavellas writes poetry and prose, but for this event he chose a variety of poems written during the chilly month of November, 2014, which included a lovely selection of Haiku and even a Haiban celebrating cinnamon. 

Ron Pavellas reads at the English Bookshop in Stockholm

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and we'd like to extend a special thank you to the English Bookshop in Stockholm for hosting us. If you missed us, we hope to see you next time! 

Lillian Kwok Publishes in Anak Sastra

SWG member Lillian Kwok published two poems in Anak Sastra, a journal featuring stories from southeast Asia. The poems are "MongNgoi" and "Four Thousand Islands (Si Phan Don)."

The poems were inspired by places Lillian visited in Laos. "Mong Ngoi was such a unique, detached place," says Lillian. "There are no roads there, and electricity only lasts a few hours a day. I wanted to capture the feelings of slowness and closeness I felt there."

Lillian says "Four Thousand Islands" also arose out of a vividly felt travel experience. "It's about the feeling of half-sinking into a new culture and wondering what it would be like if it was your whole life." 

Lillian is writing now in Phuket, Thailand. She travels often and the images, tastes, experiences, and people she encounters often find their way into her writing. Before settling down in Sweden, where she studies at the Karolinksa Institute, Lillian lived in Malibu, USA and Yilan, Taiwan.