Lillian Kwok Publishes in Anak Sastra

SWG member Lillian Kwok published two poems in Anak Sastra, a journal featuring stories from southeast Asia. The poems are "MongNgoi" and "Four Thousand Islands (Si Phan Don)."

The poems were inspired by places Lillian visited in Laos. "Mong Ngoi was such a unique, detached place," says Lillian. "There are no roads there, and electricity only lasts a few hours a day. I wanted to capture the feelings of slowness and closeness I felt there."

Lillian says "Four Thousand Islands" also arose out of a vividly felt travel experience. "It's about the feeling of half-sinking into a new culture and wondering what it would be like if it was your whole life." 

Lillian is writing now in Phuket, Thailand. She travels often and the images, tastes, experiences, and people she encounters often find their way into her writing. Before settling down in Sweden, where she studies at the Karolinksa Institute, Lillian lived in Malibu, USA and Yilan, Taiwan.